• Litigation and Consultancy in Labor Law

- Individual labor lawsuits.
- Collective labor lawsuits.
- Review and work on the collective bargaining agreements.
- Review the accomplish of the labor obligations of the companies before the USMCA.

• Social Security

- Labor lawsuits for accidents at work.
-Legal remedies before social security institute in connection with the risk levels.

• Civil Litigation

- Litigation for termination of service agreements with providers because of non-compliance reasons.
- Review of Repse providers and their compliance

• Commercial Litigation

- Litigation of debts with providers.
- Litigation for the termination of contracts with providers

• Legal assistance in case of criminal inquiries

- Legal assistance in case of criminal lawsuit against the company or its board members.
- Work regarding criminal lawsuits against providers, or employees due to crimes committed against the company

• Compliance of corporate policies

- Extensive experience in policy compliance such as anticorruption policies ,anti- discrimination policies , and anti-work harassment policies
- Compliance and supervision regarding sexual harassment policies
- Compliance of the company’s labor duties under chapter 21 of the USMCA

• Notarial and Corporative Law

- Elaboration of society incorporations.
-Elaboration of company merge.
-Elaboration of company’s shareholders meetings minutes.
- Elaboration and updating of power of attorney

• Immigration Law in Mexico and the United States

- A) Experience on work visas in Mexico for foreigners
- B) Experience on work visas, investor visas, residency for foreigners in the United States of North America.
We are a law firm with more than 20 years of experience in the exportation company industry, with offices in the cities of Reynosa and Matamoros, Tamaulipas, focused on quality work in a fast and efficient manner, understanding the needs of our clients with the highest standards in legal service.


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